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We are all born into this life with a unique Soul Purpose ... 

a calling that we need to fulfil.

The awareness & inspiration of what that looks like for each of us is completely unique & is specific.. just for you. During moments of soul searching, heightened inspiration through peak experiences, meditation & reflection... we may catch a glimpse of this. And then a deep inner knowing arises... an A-Ha moment... a sense of I know why I am here & what I need to do, share & experience this life.  Purpose becomes crystal clear!

Then your STUFF comes up & gets in your way. Self doubt, old self worth patterns you carry, feelings of 'who am I to dream that big, I’m not special enough, smart enough, creative enough, successful enough, wealthy' etc etc. In Kinesiology & NLP we call these thoughts limiting beliefs. We all have them, and often they don’t show up until we are really stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone to step up & live our purpose & be our greatest potential this life.

Believe in Yourself & Be Magnificent! our first offering in our Resonate & Transform  series of programs is one of the most effective ways to create lasting change. Mel & I want each & every participant to KNOW with certainty their unique Soul Purpose... &  for you to clear the blocks, sabotages, procrastinations & clutter holding you back from living this NOW.

This online course comes with 2 months of products, meditations, written content, self reflection exercises, group EFT tappings ...to give you the tools & support you need to ...

  • Believe in yourself, know your Worth & value, embrace the Little Miracle you truly are, all during Month 1 & then
  • Be Empowered & embody your greatest potential, have Confidence & trust in your abilities, & take the actions to Succeed as you follow your heart’s guidance to fulfill your goals & dreams.

Mel & I will be working with you to create this change in your everyday reality. You will uncover; 

  • your deeply hidden worth issues including  those passed down in your ancestral tree, 
  • the ways in which you undervalue yourself & restore the soul blueprint you hold, 
  • clear limiting beliefs you hold as true, that are creating the state of your current reality & blocking you from your potential, 
  • feelings & memories of being powerless this life that create the feeling of being unable to create change,
  • traumas held in your Inner Child that leave you doubting your abilities & lacking confidence such as early childhood, primary or high school bullying, 
  • & ways in which you procrastinate, avoiding doing the actions you need to do to actually get results.

For those that are new to our work, some examples of the group tapping processes we do...

Tap along with us to clear blocks held in the Inner Teenager & Learn to  Treasure Yourself... 

Shifting old patterns of Self Doubt & Blocks to Confidence watch our recent webinar as a FREE GIFT from us...

The results you get are created by the sum of the actions  you take + the beliefs & emotions you hold in the potential for achieving your desired outcome. This program will guide you to make change in all these areas & give you the support from Mel & myself... & an ever expanding Soul Support community... created to witness all of us Resonate & Transform Life ...creating ripples of positive change for ourselves, our loved ones, our community & the planet we all share!

with deepest gratitude

Xo Rachelle & Mel

Resonate Essences

Rachelle Sewell
Rachelle Sewell

About the instructor

Rachelle is co-founder of Resonate Essences & has a busy clinical practice in Sydney. She uses Kinesiology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life & Life Between Lives Regression alongside the support of Resonate Essences products to create transformation for her clients in all areas of life. She is a regular Speaker & Conference Presenter in Australia, USA, Canada & now Germany on Resonate Essences, and runs regular Practitioner Trainings sharing the wisdom of the products & their clinical applications with other kinesiologists, energy healers, counsellors & natural therapists.


Mel Simmons
Mel Simmons

About the instructor

Mel is co-founder of Resonate Essences & works in clinic as a Kinesiologist, NLP Coach & Energetic Practitioner in Bondi, Australia. She predominantly uses Resonate Essences protocols to create inspirational change for her clients & loves to share their journey as they co-create a life of ease & harmony for themselves & their families. Mel teaches & presents with Rachelle in Australia, USA, Canada & recently in Germany ... & feels blessed to be living her purpose each day.


What others have been saying about this course:

Clare Woodward

This course is simply exceptional.

This course is for anyone who is longing to know, live and fulfil their soul purpose. It's a big call, but it's true. The course is simply exceptional. There is pure wisdom in the teachings shared. The space is collectively held in a way tha...

Kim Malakou


In a nutshell this is how I am feeling ~ connected with myself. I feel like myself for the first time in a looooong time. So many layers have been shed. So many old hurts that were long overdue to be burned and buried instead of squashed. I do...

Victoria Crewes

Powerful, transformative, lasting

This program has delivered more in 4 weeks than I ever thought possible. The Essences and practices work gently but deeply. If you show up and really engage with the material, the Essences and the calls, you really will create lasting change. It’s...

Kari Hamele


The resonate & transform course to Believe in Yourself & Be Magnificent is simply amazing. The combination of the essences, worksheets, tapping and meditations make it incredibly easy to identify and clear blocks that create limitations to...

jill slevin

Life changing

I found the “ believe in yourself and be magnificant “ truly amazing. You go on this deep journey of self discovery of all the hidden self emotional blocks and limiting beliefs ... utilising the tools and guidance from Rachelle & Mel to enable...

Cassie Cameron

What a powerful experience - it's worth doing for sure :)

I entered in to this with an open mind, but with no idea what to expect. To my pleasant surprise, it was so awesome and I experienced some deep shifts, really uncovered and let go of some stuff I didn't even know that was there and affecting me, a...

Janette Harris

This course is the foundational course for which all other things flow

Perfect program to start with, to learn more about yourself and what your soul desires to be, do, have… and experience in this gorgeous life. Incredible course for self awareness, knowing your value, reaching goals, being able to connect with your...

Decide now to create change in your life! 

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Believe in Yourself & Be Magnificent!

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