"If I just had the would be great. No matter how much energy work I do... I NEVER see a change in my finances... it's always a struggle."

Money is considered either the 'root of all evil', the cause of our woes, relationship battles, blocks & limitations... or it's considered the Divine birthright of a chosen few... the lusted for wondrous object of our dreams, the bestower of joy, love, freedom, adventure... endless possibility! Yet money itself is just a symbol given value that we have all agreed on... and it's flow towards us or away from us is all about ENERGY. 

There are many wonderful Money Mindset workshops & programs that you can join... and I can highly recommend exploring some of the work of leaders in the field such as Money Bootcamp by Denise Duffield Thomas, Tapping programs for Wealth by Nick Ortner, Margaret Lynch, Pamela Bruner or Carol Look... also the Soul Of Money work by Lynne Twist. These will all support huge shifts in your awareness around your relationship to money & your money mindset blocks.

Often people come to Mel or I in clinic after they have done many of these amazing trainings... but their results are still showing up about the same in the reality of life. The flow of 'money in & money out' may have increased a little BUT the net result is still about the same... they still have debt patterns, struggle to pay bills on time, can't manage to save for their goals & dreams... and they feel a bit defeated & disappointed in their results...believing nothing is ever really going to change.

This program has been created to support & guide you to uncover if the blocks to your stream of WEALTH, PROSPERITY & FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE are held in your own Money Traumas... that are mirrored in your DNA Ancestral Patterns AND holding strong Archetypal Stories that are replaying the same scenarios for you as they did for those that came before you.

 To create a new Money Story & result in our financial reality... we need to heal the inherited wounds and the echoes though our lineage.

Join us for a month of support using Resonate Essences products  to explore...

  • Your connection to the ABUNDANCE of life... being able to give & receive with ease...
  • The flow of GRACE in your cells to release the Ancestral  & Archetypal Patterns that anchor a generational money story within your energy body...
  • Reconnect to the river of PROSPERITY... calling in blessings of receiving ever increasing health, wealth & happiness in all areas of your life...
  • Become aware of the dimension of TIME & the way in which traumas are coded ... instead choosing to reprogram with TIME MASTERY for alignment with love, joy, peace & prosperity.


  • Weekly videos to guide you over 4 weeks & 4 products to use daily for the month
  • Written content to give you the insights & awarenesses you need
  • Inspired actions to achieve results
  • Guided meditations, visualisations & subliminal music programs to align your vibration
  • Access to our Soul Support Community in a private & closed  Facebook group
  • Direct access to Rachelle & Mel via the FB group & Content Forum for  added support in answering your questions or challenges if needed
  • A deeper understanding of your own inherited legends & traumas that have blocked your best efforts to create wealth... & healing transformation tools to create the change you desire.

Love for you to join us.... payment options below....

xo Rachelle & Mel  

Rachelle Sewell
Rachelle Sewell

About the instructor

Rachelle is co-founder of Resonate Essences & has a busy clinical practice in Sydney. She uses Kinesiology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life & Life Between Lives Regression alongside the support of Resonate Essences products to create transformation for her clients in all areas of life. She is a regular Speaker & Conference Presenter in Australia, USA, Canada & now Germany on Resonate Essences, and runs regular Practitioner Trainings sharing the wisdom of the products & their clinical applications with other kinesiologists, energy healers, counsellors & natural therapists.

Mel Simmons
Mel Simmons

About the instructor

Mel is co-founder of Resonate Essences & works in clinic as a Kinesiologist, NLP Coach & Energetic Practitioner in Bondi, Australia. She predominantly uses Resonate Essences protocols to create inspirational change for her clients & loves to share their journey as they co-create a life of ease & harmony for themselves & their families. Mel teaches & presents with Rachelle in Australia, USA, Canada & recently in Germany ... & feels blessed to be living her purpose each day.

What others have been saying about our programs:

Janette Harris

Forever grateful for the lasting change this course has activated within me!

This program opened up a world of knowledge about myself, my family patterns and the archetypal energy that I was holding, in relation to money! This program helped me clear the families patterns of poverty mindset, staying small, repelling any re...

Tate Harris


This course was so great and relevant for me. It gave me the opportunity to explore patterns throughout my life/s that are affecting my flow of abundance in this life, from looking at archetypes through to my own ancestral history. Really well del...

Clare Woodward

This course is simply exceptional.

This course is for anyone who is longing to know, live and fulfil their soul purpose. It's a big call, but it's true. The course is simply exceptional. There is pure wisdom in the teachings shared. The space is collectively held in a way tha...

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